Continuing progress toward a complete keyboard

Glued on all of the key heads and the tails to the key sticks, sanded and flushed all the edges, including the arcades to ensure that all parts are smooth and line up. Leveled all of the key heads and tails with 80 grit paper Scored the 1st line and sanded all of the natural keys 120, 150, 180, 220, 320. The capping of all of the naturals is complete except for scoring the 2nd and 3rd lines and doing the final shaping of the natural keys.

Fitted and installed all 21 sharp tops. But, something was not quite right with two of them, they were a bit too narrow, so they had to be removed and replaced. They all look much more consistent now.

Complete the 2nd and 3rd line scores on the naturals. Used a lot of clamps, probably far more than necessary (although Norm Abrams always says you can never have too many clamps), but the lines came out good. Here’s the keyboard, showing all the keys, with lines scored and sharps ‘topped’.

Keyboard sharps completed, lines scored

Keyboard sharps completed, lines scored

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