CAD Printouts

Spent some time measuring the full size plan CAD printout only to discover it was off by a small amount. Then I had to spend quite a bit of time communicating and straightening out the CAD misprint problem. Finally got a new set of prints in the mail, and they’re quite accurate now. McGee CAD was extremely helpful in resolving the issue.

I also converted the CAD files to 100% PDF and took them to Kinko’s for some test prints, but everything was still off. Discussed the problem with someone at work and learned that these plotters and printers need to be calibrated and that turns out to be a big part of the problem. So at the end of the day they really did need to be printed by an engineering firm that understands the problem well, and is able to make the necessary adjustments.

Here’s the completed keyboard on top of the full size plan.

Keyboard and Full Size Plan

Keyboard and Full Size Plan

I took a little time out and built the bridge marking jig today out of maple and walnut. This jig is used to mark the bridge where the strings cross it.

String marking jig

Bridge marking jig

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