The advantage of the Internet

Search engines and the internet are wonderful things. What did we do before we had the internet to find so much information?

Soon I was searching and finding lots of interesting and useful links to sites with a lot of information to offer on how to build all sorts of instruments. I’ve been collecting instrument-making links, and books ever since. There’s almost nothing out there that you cannot find if you take the time to look. I soon discovered the Musical Instrument Maker’s Forum and the Guild of American Luthiers (GAL). GAL publishes a great quarterly journal called “American Lutherie“, which I have been subscribing to since 2005. Anyone interested in building or repairing musical instruments should join the GAL.

And soon I was discovering vendors who specialized in tools and materials for string instrument building, especially Stewart-MacDonald and Luthiers Mercantile.

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Amateur Luthier, woodworker, music enthusiast, software enthusiast
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