‘Uke #11 (Flamenco) underway

I started ‘Ukulele #11 in the summer of 2012 and had intended to complete it by the end of the year. Alas, I had to put it aside for a while to attend to other projects.

One of the problems with lutherie as a hobby (as opposed to as a job?) is that there are so many other projects that need to be done. I typically do not start a new instrument and work on it exclusively until it is done. I like juggling several things. For example, in addition to my current ‘ukulele projects (#11 and #7) I am currently working on the following other things:

  1. Harpsichord (Early 17th Century Ruckers Single – more on this later!)
  2. Restoring an antique Queen Anne mirror
  3. Norm Abram’s Deluxe Router Station (any TOH or NYW fans? This is almost done.)
  4. Turning new handles for some tools
  5. Helping my cousin (no, not #6) build a cigar box ‘ukulele for her friend
  6. Refinishing a sign I carved a few years back for my sister-in-law
  7. . . . I could go on!

Back to talking about ‘Ukulele #11. Number 11 is based on, but not a copy of a 1951 Barbero Flamenco Guitar I read about in the Big Red Book of American Lutherie. This particular flamenco is considered one of the most significant guitars in the flamenco world. Here’s a wonderful video about it. This ‘ukulele will have traditional tuning pegs like ‘most’ flamencos and a headstock with the same shape as the Barbero. The bracing structure is the same as that in the plan.

Why a flamenco style ‘ukulele? Just because I thought it would be cool!

Flamencos are usually made of Cedar, but in this case I chose Ceylon Satinwood, which is a bit heavier/stiffer. At this point the body is pretty much complete, except for a ‘lot’ of final scraping which will leave a nicer finish than simply sanding. The top is a single piece of 60-year old Italian Spruce that was a gift from a friend. This one, departing from the original, will not have a Spanish heel as I’m hoping that that will reduce the overall weight.

Here are a few photos of the work so far, top in progress, scraping the bindings, and the completed body. The Satinwood will be quite striking with a finish put on it.

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