Neck and Fingerboard for #11

I made considerable progress on ‘Ukulele #11 yesterday. I finished fitting the heel of the neck to the body and attached the neck using hot hide glue and a bolt that screws into a cross-dowel ‘nut’ inset into the heel of the instrument.

Then I spent a good part of the day making an ebony fingerboard, installing the frets, doing the initial filing and fitting and then finally gluing it onto the instrument. Take a look at it so far. Here’s a picture of the clamping process of installing the fingerboard, and it is true that as Norm Abram says “you can never have too many clamps”:

Installing the Fingerboard

Installing the Fingerboard

Here’s the result after remove all the clamps. I’m well pleased with it so far.

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Amateur Luthier, woodworker, music enthusiast, software enthusiast
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