Legs to Stand On

The four legs for the harpsichord stand are complete.

I haven’t turned much lately, but today I finished turning the four legs for the stand. It took me about 8 hours total, probably pretty slow, but I’m really a novice turner and so it takes a lot longer. I plan to turn a fair number of things in the near future, not the least of which will be legs for the bench, but that is a ways off yet.

I finished the complete stand this past weekend, including cutting the mortises (by hand) and gluing up all the stretchers, inserting the brass inserts so that the entire things can be ‘bolted’ together and disassembled for easy transport. Yet, it looks permanent.


and now the harpsichord has a place to rest upon, which I hope will make working on it a bit easier going forward.


Now that this is complete I’ll move on to making all of the mouldings next. I recently built the Norm Abrams Deluxe Router Table and have to finish setting it up and installing the new router. Once that is done I plan to make about 25 or 30 feet of mouldings.

After all was said and done I thought the portable stand was just a bit too wobbly, perhaps not stiff enough. That is the price you pay for portability. So, I decided that since I am not really concerned about portability that I would add some vertical supports to stiffen up the runners.

Improved Harpsichord Stand

Improved Harpsichord Stand

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