A Guitar Foot Stool

Still working on finishing up a host of never-completed projects! So, I dug out the parts I had cut out a few years back. This was all leftover mahogany pieces and the only thing I had to purchase was some brass rod. It is a simple design and folds up for easy storage, something you can build in 1/2 a day, once you get around to it 🙂 The only thing I’d do over is to make the legs a bit ‘beefier’. They are about 1/2″ square and although it works just fine, I think I’d go with 3/4″.

Guitar Foot Stool

Guitar Foot Stool

Guitar Foot Stool - folded

Guitar Foot Stool – folded

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Amateur Luthier, woodworker, music enthusiast, software enthusiast
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