Finally some new Harpsichord work

As noted in a previous entry I thought I was getting the build back on track in 2017 (18 months ago!), but alas, I was wrong.

Now I really am (getting back to it). I now have a lot more time as well as all of the materials except the soundboard painting kit. I am determined to get this instrument finished within a year (hopefully sooner)

Today I fit and installed all of the six (more period-appropriate than modern) brass hinges to the lids which I got from Marc Vogel GmbH. Three large lid hinges along the spine and 3 smaller hinges connecting the 2 lids together.

It was a surprisingly long task, 39 holes to be marked, drilled and ‘tapped’. Half of the screws had to be shortened with the Dremel tool. I purchased 40 screws and managed to break one, so had the exact number needed to install the hinges. The hinges look really good, they were quite expensive, but worth it.

Hinges Installed

The beautiful hinges from Marc Vogel are now all finally installed.

I also completed the keystick (to hold the lids up), including brackets/holders. I had to reduce the thickness of the poplar to ½”. It actually turned out to be more time-consuming than expected, but the result looks good, works very well and is just the right size. I needed to remove the lids and drill holes for the closet pulls being used for keystick cup receptacles for propping the lid open, but I had to go out and purchase a 20mm Forstner bit to install. The closet pulls were supposed to be ¾”, but that turned to be the ‘inside’ measurement, sadly the packaging was incorrect. But, now they fit fine with a bit of blue painter’s tape wrapped on them. I wanted to be open the lid to two different heights/angles.

The Keystick is finished and installed.

The Keystick is finished and installed.

The build is finally making some progress. Here’s what the instrument looks like now (Case work largely done, keyworks, music desk, bench, hinged lids and keystick.)

Current State of Harpsichord

The harpsichord is ready to enter the next phase!

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