Color/Paper samples for Harpsichord

I’m working on some sample boards to show the paint scheme/harpsichord paper choices I’m considering. The color is now decided, called Rittenhouse Blue, a historical, oil color from Old Village paints in Pennsylvania. The papers were colored on the computer and printed on an ink-jet, but will be finally printed at a copy center on a laser to ensure consistent ink/color. After pasting down the papers they were coated with 2 coats of shellac, then buffed with 4/0 steel wool.


I created a second board for comparison. The primary difference is the color used to ‘tint’ the papers. The smaller board on the left is the one from above, i.e. Sample Board #1. The board on the right is Sample Board #2. The color is much lighter, and the paper used to print was a cream antique laid paper with a nice texture, then a coat of fixative was sprayed on to try to reduce and bleeding/running of the red, which can be a problem. Board #2 also only has gold paint, not faux leaf. For my money I’ll take board #2, as you can see that there is virtually no color bleed and the paler nature of the orange is more pleasing.

I have to do a bit more experimenting and comparison with some samples on to way to me now, and then find a local printer that can print on good paper, oversized!

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