Adding the hook to the 8′ cherry Bridge

The 8' bridge hook

Drawing of the 8′ bridge hook

One of the more difficult tasks is making the ‘hook’ that goes at the end of the bridge because it is much too severe (and thick) to bend into shape. It must be cut at the same angles as the rest of the bridge, but it is not as simple. After putting my new Highland Woodworking “Wood Slicer” blade in the bandsaw (why did I not do this earlier???) it cut at the 30-degree angle like going through butter.

After gluing the hook to the main piece of the 8′ bridge, I took it out of the clamps and treated with a couple of coats of wood bleacher, but the color continues to be quite different. Checked the size against the plan. Unfortunately it came up 2” short! So, rather than start the entire 8’ bridge from scratch I have decided to splice in a 2” piece and to make the angle sharper, 30 degrees instead of the previous 45 to provide more gluing surface. So, why did it come up short? Too much trimming to get the fit right, and also I probably didn’t calculate where the cut was going to be very well. Everything in this project is a new learning situation.

Used the bridge bending jig to clamp the pieces down and a few additional jig clamps from another project to get all of the right points under pressure while the glue sets up/cures. Will unclamp tomorrow and hope for the best.

Gluing and Clamping the 'Hook'

A very tricky glue up in this situation!

To deal with the color differences I am considering ‘treating’ the wood with either wax or shellac on the sides/top (not the bottom as glue will not stick to it). Shellac will likely be the best thing to use, it gives a bit of color to the cherry and if any spills over the bottom, it can be easily sanded to remove and create an appropriate gluing surface.

Meanwhile I took some time to start working on the Sound and Cut-off bars that go on the underneath side of the soundboard. I just love gossamer shavings off a good plane!

Making Sound and Cut-off Bars

Making Sound and Cut-off Bars

Hopefully I’ll be able to get everything installed on the soundboard by the end of the week . . . Fingers Crossed!

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