Harpsichord Project

A Harpsichord Builder’s Notebook

Soli Deo gloria et sanctum nomen eius!

Στο Θεό και μόνο η δόξα και το ιερό είναι το όνομά του

Being a detailed account of the harpsichord building process using the
Harpsichord Project E-Book and begun in the spring of the
Year of our Lord Two Thousand and Nine,
and continuing on for quite some time thereafter . . .

Soli Deo gloria et sanctum nomen eius!

5 Responses to Harpsichord Project

  1. Nice work! I have the Harpsichord Project e-book and it is on my list of things that I might do one day … I am very interested in anything that you have to share on making keyboards – while I don’t think that I will go as far as building a complete instrument from scratch in the near future I might try building a keyboard later this year and any advice from someone who has been there and done that for the first time would be very useful.

    • npcarey says:

      Thanks! While there are several postings that detail the keyboard construction, in addition I’d say it took me about 80 hours to build and approximately $100.00 in materials. I milled all of the wood for the tops and sharps (which I already had) which took quite a bit of time. You can take other approaches, like buying the material already at the correct thickness and this saves a lot of time. I did buy the basswood pre-thicknessed however. I purchased paper bone-colored material from Masecraft for the key tops. It is called ‘paper’ but is quite hard and durable and once cut up and installed looks very nice.

      The keyboard for me was a very satisfying project all by itself. It is probably worth considering that this keyboard is designed for the Ruckers Single, and being new to harpsichords, I’m not sure how/if it might fit into another instrument.

  2. DrDarin says:

    I’m doing the same thing – 100% from scratch: http://MolnarOpus1.blogspot.com!

    • npcarey says:

      Nice blog detailing your progress. It is a labor of love and it would likely not be possible (at least for me) without Ernie’s wonderful book! I’ll get through your entire blog over the next week I hope!

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