Some New Shop Furniture

I took a small hiatus over the past few weeks and worked to finish something I started several weeks ago. Back in the Nov/Dec 2009 issue of Fine Woodworking there was an article on building Krenov Saw Horses which I thought were just beautiful as well as extremely functional. So, given that I hated my metal sawhorses (which I will probably sell!) I decided to build a pair from dimensioned oak I bought at the big box store. I used a little bit of walnut for pegs and wedges.

This is the article:


The article suggested it would take about 1/2 a day, ha! It probably took me a day and a half all told, but I don’t typically work in long spurts so it is hard to tell. Well, I just finished them this past week and I’m very pleased with the result, so much so that I will probably build another pair. The really nice thing about these ‘horses’ is that they nest together really well, so they take up much less space. 8730356a3b3e7c7153357d41431afb5fc638f1b6

A few photos of details showing the mortise and tenon joinery, the walnut pegs and wedges and some of the assembly stages:

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