The Armadillolele

Yes, an Armadillo! An acquaintance in the Ukulele Union brought me an Armadillo Mandolin that was in need to rebuilding. Jim actually wanted to convert it into an ‘ukulele, and has a particular fondness for the armadillo and asked if I could inlay an armadillo in the headstock. Why not? As I’ve said before, one of the things I try to do is have unique inlays!

This instrument required a completely new top with new bracing and a fingerboard. I re-used some of the mandolin tuners but did have to ‘thin’ down the headstock and neck as they were seriously over-built and thick. The top also had to be bent like they are in a Neapolitan mandolin. Luckily I’ve done this a few times before, is simply requires you cut a line on the underside exactly where you want the bend to appear.

Unfortunately I forgot to take any before pictures, but here is the completed conversion. You can also watch a YouTube video that Jim Persky made playing his new armadillolele!

About npcarey

Amateur Luthier, woodworker, music enthusiast, software enthusiast
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